Boston/Back Bay


The MMRA Boston repeater is a Motorola Quantar controlled by an SCOM 7330. '82 is the only MMRA 2m repeater that does not use a DB224 antenna. Due to space limitations on the Pru roof, it uses a DA-1502, manufactured by a company in Ukraine. It is similar to the Andrew DB222 antenna, a 2-bay version of the 224. Andrew discontinued production of the DB222 so it is no longer available from them.

Our site host provides us with about 3 feet of rack space. The Motorola GM300 transceiver, used for linking to the MMRA network, is at the top. Below that is the Astron power supply which powers the link radio. Next in line is the APC remote power switch - this allows us to cut power to the repeater, link radio, or Raspberry Pi processor board from any remote location with internet.

The SCOM controller is next, then finally the Motorola Quantar at the bottom. Not seen are the bandpass filters which are a requirement in the intense RF environment on the roof. Both the VHF repeater and UHF link radio have 4-cavity DCI bandpass filters on them.

Here's the MMRA's DA-1502 antenna on its high perch
Looking down on the 927.0625 site from the 146.82 site

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