Boston/Back Bay


Like all MMRA 2m repeaters, the Boston repeater is a GE Mastr II receiver/transmitter controlled by an SCOM 7K. However, '82 is the only MMRA 2m repeater that does not use a DB224 antenna. Due to its very high location, the much smaller Diamond X30 is in service as both main transmitter and link antenna.

The 146.82 repeater has a local receiver with a PL of 127.3. This receiver is good in the Boston downtown area out to Kenmore Square. For areas beyond this, there is a remote receiver located at our Brookline site, which requires a PL of 146.2. People should use the 146.2 in most areas outside of downtown. All linking is done from the Brookline site.

Our site host provides us with about 3 feet of rack space. The Astron switching power supply is on top, the SCOM 7K controller is next. The GE MastrII TX/RX is on the bottom. The Motorola GM300 link radio, used to pick up transmissions from the remote receiver site, is built into the MastrII and is not visible. You can see the 6-cavity Sinclair duplexer behind everything. Just to the right above the power supply, you can see the DCI bandpass filter and also an ethernet-to-serial adapter, which allows us to access the controller over the internet.

Here's the MMRA's X30A on its high perch
Looking down on the 927.0625 site from the 146.82 site

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