Since the 1970's, the 1200 Radio Club operated 147.12/W1DC repeater. The club consisted primarily of Honeywell employees. When Honeywell left the area, the club survived for many years, but attrition did finally win. In August, 2021, the remaining members of the 1200 Radio Club voted to transfer ownership, and responsibility for operating and maintaining the repeater to MMRA. MMRA voted to accept the repeater.

MMRA intends to continue to operate the repeater from the same location.

The W1DC callsign has been transferred to MMRA as MMRA/1200 Radio Club, with W1USN as trustee.

MMRA inherited a number of upgrades, purchased but never implemented by the 1200 Radio. A new repeater will be built over winter 2021-22 and MMRA will install the new equipment in the Spring. When this is complete, Billerica will be integrated into the MMRA network. When this happens, the input PL will change from 103.5 to 146.2.

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