Since the 1970's, the 1200 Radio Club operated 147.12/W1DC repeater. The club consisted primarily of Honeywell employees. When Honeywell left the area, the club survived for many years, but attrition did finally win. In August, 2021, the remaining members of the 1200 Radio Club voted to transfer ownership, and responsibility for operating and maintaining the repeater to MMRA. MMRA voted to accept the repeater.

MMRA will continue to operate the repeater from the same location..

The W1DC callsign was transferred to MMRA as MMRA/1200 Radio Club, with W1USN as trustee.

As part of the transfer, the 1200RC gave MMRA a number of upgrades that were purchased but never implemented. The new repeater was built over the winter 2021-22 and was installed on April 22, 2022. As of this date, Billerica is fully integrated into the MMRA network.

The Billerica Repeater consists of:
  • Kenwood TKR-750 repeater
  • 100W Mastr II Power Amplifier
  • SCOM 7330 Controller
  • Motorola GM300 Link Radio
  • 6-Cavity Phelps-Dodge Duplexer
  • Astron RS-60M Power Supply
  • Rasperry Pi/Router/Netgear LB1120 to provide internet access

    MMRA also plans to replace the 40-year-old Stationmaster Antenna. The new DB224-E is on back order, with an expected delivery date in June. In the photo, the Stationmaster is at the top of the tower. You can also see the 3-element link beam on the lower left. The other two antennas are not used.

    This is the old Billerica repeater that was replaced by the equipment above.

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