The MMRA 927.0625 Boston repeater is located atop One Financial Center in Boston. The repeater is full-time linked to the New England Reflector 900MHz channel - IRLP 9125. It takes a brief break from this on Tuesday nights at 8PM when it joins the MMRA network for the club's weekly net.

927.0625 as of 1/3/2022, when a new SCOM 7330 controller was installed to replace the SCOM 7K
The original 927.0625 repeater was put together and installed at zero club expense.
The following people and organizations are to be commended for their outstanding contributions of time and/or money:

K1RJZdonated repeater and controller, recapped MSF-5000 recapping, initial tune-up
N1OTY donated 200ft of 1 5/8" Heliax & connectors (RX) and delivered to Broadcast Towers in Bridgewater
Broadcast Towers donate 60ft 7/8" Heliax with connectors (TX)
Heliax to be elevated to roof-level via window washer machine
K1WUK donate RX antenna, Heliax jumpers, Polyphasers
W1BRI tune-up duplexer, later to be turned onto TX and RX filters
N3HFK took over repeater prep and was lead on recapping, physical reconfigurations and final tweak.
Anything to do with the local IRLP interface and setup
Integrate original SCOM 7K controller
K1IW Program SCOM 7K controller
N3HFK, K1IW, W1BRI, K1RJZ, N1ZZN, KC1HO, N1JFU Sunday repeater "tune-up party" at N3HFK.
N3HFK, K1IW, W1BRI, K1RJZ Lug MSF-5000 to roof penthouse via three flights of fire escape (350 lbs)

The tune-up party crew(K1RJZ is taking the photo)

Which photo has more antennas?

The install crew (K1RJZ is [again] taking the photo)

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