The 449.575 repeater, W1BRI/R, is located on a 100' tower on Honey Hill. Club member K1RJZ graciously provides this site to MMRA. '575 is a Yaesu system fusion repeater. The repeater is always in "auto mode select", with the repeater transmitter following the mode of the incoming signal. Analog signals may also be linked to HUB1 or HUB2. Digital signals get repeated locally only.

K1RJZ Photo
The Hopkinton '575 machine is a Yaesu DR2X. It runs in standard analog FM or digital YSF mode depending upon the type of input signal. In analog mode, it goes through an SCOM 7330 and can link to either HUB1 or HUB2, just like any other MMRA repeater. In digital mode, it runs in local mode only.
Far left is the Rasperry Pi which allows us to access the controller via internet. The SCOM 7330 is on top of the DR2X in the center. On the right, the link radio is in the front. Behind it to the left is a bandpass filter. Further behind on the right is the power supply for the link radio, with the repeater duplexer above it.
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